Day Three Hundred and Four – Expired!

expired vitamin c pillsEvan was sick a couple weeks ago and I was pretty sure our vitamin C was expired so I bought a new one but didn’t really think, hey, I should throw that other one out! …Until we were on the hunt for things to get rid of, of course.



Day Three Hundred and Three – Plastic Trays

plastic trays

These trays lived on the counter in the last place we lived in, but really just collected… everything. Like a junk drawer but out in the open. Since we moved we haven’t used them at all, in fact they’ve just been in a box, so I don’t think we’ll be missing them!


Day Three Hundred and One – Foam Board Poster

foam board poster

I got this last year at the Toronto Print Show, they were giving them out as samples and I thought it was pretty cool. They can print on foam board, double sided even!

Anyway, now that it’s been sitting behind a dresser for a year… I’m coming to the realization that I’m not going to be putting it up anywhere…. and I’d much rather have a decluttered home than this poster.


Day Three Hundred… Again

Oh. My. Goodness! In my excitement of being Day 300 yesterday (sigh). I decided to make sure that Dec. 31 will in fact land on Day 365. Well, it didn’t. That would be day 366. After going through all my posts I found the problem… I posted twice on September 4! Ugh! That means that yesterday was day 299, and TODAY is day 300. So there we have it. As I posted twice on September 4, I will skip today to get my numbers right.


Day Three Hundred – Keyboard Box

Day 300! Woo! A milestone. I am completely impressed with myself for sticking to this and not missing even one day! Go me! Really seeing a difference in the house now and I’m loving it.

razer keyboard box

Now before you think to yourself… a box? Isn’t this just recycling? That’s cheating! Well. It’s not just a box. Okay well… it is just a box… But I kept it because I really like the packaging! (Okay I went to school for Graphic Design, it kind of makes sense). Anyway, I just really loved this box so I kept it. I have a keyboard and a mouse from this company, Razer, and I am quite impressed with their packaging… spot varnish on the box… a coloured lining… the pamphlets are diecut… just a lot of thought for something to hold the product. Anyway enough about that, it takes up quite a bit of space for an empty box so I’m letting it go… into the recycling it goes.


Day Two Hundred and Ninety Nine – … Stuff


I’ve been meaning to go through a box I have that I filled with a variety of printed material things from magazine cut outs and ads and whatever I found that was a good design and caught my attention. So I went through the whole box this morning and saved only the ones that I really really liked. So this big pile is stuff I don’t think I will miss.