Day Two Hundred and Forty One – Shirt


Was I wearing this while I was painting? No. Why is there paint on this shirt? Let me tell you…

I’ll make it short. We bought a dryer off of Kijiji, and apparently they had replaced the element in it and then painted the drum but it never actually dried properly. So when I put my dark load of laundry in it, I got white paint on… pretty much everything. I’ve held on to this shirt because I like this shirt but obviously… it doesn’t look very nice anymore so I don’t wear it.


Day Two Hundred and Thirty Nine – Mousse

hair mousse

I’ve had this bottle of hair mousse for a long long time and it has gotten so old that when I use it now it doesn’t puff up like it should, but just kind of crackles and disappears when I rub my hands together. Also the cap is broken which makes it very annoying to use. So basically I don’t use it, but I haven’t thrown it out because I feel guilty about throwing it away because I didn’t use it up while it was still good. But I know that is no reason to keep it, and I’m going to get rid of it and make a little bit more room under the sink.


Day Two Hundred and Thirty Eight – Jeans


I like these jeans! The problem is that since my legs are quite short I can only wear these when I wear winter boots, as they are quite long (for me). So they are strictly winter jeans. However, one of my biggest pet peeves is having the bottoms of my jeans wet from all the snow, and living in Canada means this is a common problem in the winter. Last winter I discovered jeans that were skinnier on the bottom, and I just tuck them into my boots and no longer have this problem. So, I did not wear these jeans at all last year and I have a feeling that this winter coming up will be the same. So I’ll let these ones go then and someone else can use them :).


Day Two Hundred and Thirty Six – CD

great big sea CD

This is another CD of Evan’s that he no longer wants. Much easier just to listen to it online anyway right? Right. Sometimes I wonder why we have a whole CD stand of CDs when we don’t listen to them… but at least they fit on just one stand now :).


Day Two Hundred and Thirty Five – Shoes

puma shoes

These shoes were hand-me-downs from my previous roommate, who happened to have the same shoe size as me (how handy). I tried them on and they were pretty comfy (and free), so I gladly took them. The first time I wore them for a longish period of time was to visit my sister in Philadelphia, where I always do a lot of walking. This was silly of me as my feet were not used to these shoes yet and they pretty much destroyed my feet and I had the worst blisters ever and my ankles were all swollen and it was just awful. I tried these on the other day and they are still not comfortable, my feet must be remembering. Anyway, I haven’t worn them since then which was about a year ago, so I’m going to pass these on and let someone else wear them.