Reflection on the Year

Now that the year is done and I’ve taken a few well deserved days off, I figure I should probably reflect on the year.

It was easy at first, but I won’t lie, at the end of January (yes the FIRST month) I was thinking, oh my goodness, what have I gotten myself into? I was really stuck but after a ton of support and encouragement (all year long) from Evan, and a lot of pushing myself, I got it done! The state of the house how it is now is about what I was expecting, and I’m pretty happy with it, although I am NOT done decluttering. I thought it would take me a while to start again this year but found I’m already decluttering more stuff already!

The reason I started decluttering is because I feel that the more stuff that is around the more unorganized and cluttered my brain feels (and I think a lot of people are like this). I’m much happier with the way our home is now. Also, it has made me a lot more critical of things coming into the house. I buy less, I accept less “does anyone want this?” offers.

I went around and took pictures of our newly decluttered home (yay!). All rooms are here except for the man cave, as we just got a new entertainment centre and it’s not quite finished and that room is a disaster! Hopefully it will be ready soon and I’ll add those pics :)

Oh, and to answer a question I’ve had before, “is there anything you regret getting rid of?” No. Nothing at all. Sometimes it took me a couple of months to realize I could let go of something, but there’s nothing that has left that I wish I hadn’t let go. Much happier with the extra space :).

If you want to declutter but don’t know where to start, contact me! I love to hear from fellow declutter…ers.

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Day Three Hundred and Sixty Five – A Grand Finale of Sorts

365 thingsAs the year comes to a close we are visiting my sister and her husband in Philadelphia! Having a wonderful time here and my sister said, “Oh I have a wonderful idea for your blog!”. She wanted to declutter 365 items in her house. In one day. ONE DAY!
So, in one day, (while still doing our usual visiting and touring around) we managed to find 365 things, most of which are in this picture. Pretty impressive! Packed up and ready to go :). Good job sis and bro in law! I know it was difficult at times but you guys are troopers!


Day Three Hundred and Sixty Five – Tweezers


Before Evan and I moved in together I had a set of tweezers at my place, and after forgetting them either at mine or his place I decided I better get a second pair. Then I was left with 2 pairs but really only needing one. I figured I would leave one in our toiletry bag, but when my sister came to visit me she said that she also liked my tweezers (these are very good ones, I would recommend!) and that she may get the same ones. Well, I figured I don’t really need 2 pairs so I’d give one of them to her. And so there you have it!


Day Three Hundred and Sixty One – Phone Case

phone case

Short story: It’s broken.

Long story: Evan was warming up a bowl of ravioli in the microwave, pulled the bowl out, it was very hot, the bowl fell on the floor, broke, he had tried to catch it, burnt his finger, accidently dropped the phone case in the ravioli, it broke. Ravioli everywhere. Broken bowl everywhere. What a disaster.