Day One Hundred and Eighty – Page up!

page up

I’m going to say I got this for free at some point when I was attending Georgian College. These are pretty handy. It holds up a piece of paper. However… I really have never used one. After years of it sitting around, I’ve never used it. I’m sure someone else will find it handy :).


Day One Hundred and Seventy Eight – Random Things

random items

A few items that have been in a box, travelling from place to place. Two chapsticks that expired years ago, and one of these cards… that is useful at… some┬ácasino┬áthat starts with a B in Atlantic City… Ballys! That’s it. They only time I go there is if I go visit my sister in Philadelphia and we happen to go to Atlantic City, but I am not going to remember to bring this anyway.


Day One Hundred and Seventy Four – Pants

white pants

I either got these pants for my uniform in high school or for the dress code at my old job… I can’t remember which. Either way I don’t wear them. They’re nice pants, and it’s good to have a pair of beige pants but I’ve got a couple others as well. I don’t wear them very much though, white pants + being a girl = paranoia.


Day One Hundred and Seventy Three – Magazine



I did not buy this magazine. Here’s what happened. I needed like 20 magazines for one of my classes and I had never really bought a magazine before so I had 0. I traded with my roommate at the time. She had 4 magazines I needed and I had just made some delicious potatoes that she felt she needed, so we traded the magazines for a few potato pieces. And therein lies the switch, and how I ended up with this. I repeat. I did not buy a magazine with Justin Bieber on it.