Day Two Hundred and Seventy Two – Bathroom Declutter and Organizing


Today’s area for decluttering and organizing was under my bathroom sink. Look at that disaster! Awful. It’s so nice now! Hopefully it stays that way. I also reorganized the drawers that are not in the photo, so that the stuff I use the most are in those drawers and everything else is in the buckets. I think this system will work well!

The bucket has a bunch of stuff such as expired sunscreen, and a deodorant which seems to have some liquid in the cap (and is also years old), I don’t know what the liquid is and I’m fine with never knowing.


Day Two Hundred and Seventy – TD Bank Folder

td bank folder

Another folder of – “why did I keep these papers?”. Well, not so much why… but why for so long? Paperwork from years ago that don’t really apply anymore. Getting rid of the whole folder as there’s nothing in it that I need to hang on to.

It had become one of those items I’ve had for so long so it lives in the house but I don’t really see it. I made a point of going through everything on the shelf and really thinking about if it’s something that is useful to me. And with that strategy… I found quite a few things to get rid of!


Day Two Hundred and Sixty Nine – Zehrs Folder

zehrs hiring folderLast year I worked the night shift at Zehrs (grocery store) and got this package when I started. I kept it because the paper feels really nice. Yes that’s right. I like the feeling of the paper, and that’s why I kept it. A year later and I work at a print shop, it’s like it’s meant to be! Anyway I feel lots of nice paper all day so this one I can let go.



Day Two Hundred and Sixty Eight – Georgian College Papers

georgian college papersAfter the shelf on my bookshelf collapsed I went through everything that was on it and found a folder called “Georgian College” where I put all my papers from the college into. However, everything in there is from years ago and for some reason I felt the need to keep residence parking pass applications and other things like that, that I have no use for now. So the whole folder can go!


Day Two Hundred and Sixty Five – Magazines


100 days left. Whew, we’re getting there!

Recently a shelf on my bookshelf collapsed… So I went through all the magazines/books/etc. on it and decluttered a lot of it. These are magazines I collected from various friends and free magazine stands for me to cut up and use for school. Now I am done school and won’t be needing these for projects. I can’t imagine ever opening up any of these and reading them… Off they go!