Day Two Hundred and Ninety Two – Beer Bottle

beer bottle jake the snake

Evan got this beer last year and really liked the bottle (which, lets face it… is why he got it in the first place). Now that the year is getting closer to the end it’s, of course, getting more difficult to find things to get rid of… but he’s giving this one up!

“But you love this bottle!”

“But I love you more”.

“Oh that’s sweet”

“Yes. I love you more than a¬†beer bottle”.


Day Two Hundred and Eighty Nine – Book


This is a book that we got rid of quite a while back, along with a bunch of other textbooks. I had taken the photos but hadn’t posted as I figured you’d get bored with seeing all textbooks for a week! So, I’m using it as a backup for today as I am soooooo tired.


Day Two Hundred and Eighty Seven – Brita Lid

brita lid

This is the lid to a Brita water jug. We ended up with three Brita filter water containers between the two of us, and last year we got rid of the one that looked the oldest, and was starting to get a yellow discolouration. However, I kept the lid… in case we ever needed it? Why would we ever need it? Oh how I have changed.


Day Two Hundred and Eighty Six – Wallpaper

kitchen renos

Today, we got rid of the wallpaper! This is the wallpaper (border) that was on when we moved in and I have been wanting to take it off since. And since we are making changes to the kitchen, now is the time! Loving the changes so far, I think it looks great! Can’t wait to get a fresh coat of paint on these walls.