Day One Hundred and Twenty – Long Socks

long socksHow cute are these socks!? I like them. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure to wear them correctly your legs need to be relatively skinny. Which mine are below the knee, but above is a different story. My family genes do not allow for such things, and I’m quite sure I’m destined to have non-skinny thighs/legs forever. Which doesn’t really bother me, except that I’d like to wear these socks. Alas! I cannot, so out they go!



Day One Hundred and Nineteen – CD Cases

cd cases

This stack of CD cases came from one of those boxes we have that just get moved around but never actually gets sorted through. Well Evan sorted through it! So here are a bunch of CD cases that we don’t need.


Day One Hundred and Eighteen – Glasses

drinking glasses

We have a few too many glasses in our cupboard. I never ever use these ones, and when Evan does I think, ugh… now I have to wash this skinny little glass that I can’t even get my hand into. As we don’t have a dishwasher, it’s really annoying to have glasses that are not wide enough to me to get my hand into to clean it properly. So then why do we even have these ones, if I don’t use them and I hope no one does?


Day One Hundred and Fifteen – Black Mug

black mug

I like this mug. I like it a lot. But I love my Batman mug more… and the mugs I used when I was little… and my “you never forget your first” (Atari) mug.

I like this mug. But the cupboard has quite a few mugs in it, and there just isn’t room for all of them. As I’m not willing to part with the other ones, this one is the one to go.


Day One Hundred and Fourteen – Red Sweater

red sweater

I’ve had this sweater since high school… I believe I got it for 5 bucks at a store closing sale. I’d say I probably got my money out of it. I don’t wear it anymore though… I considered getting rid of this about a month ago, but told myself I would wear it. I didn’t! Into the donate box it goes.