Day Two Hundred and Twelve – Printer


This is Evan’s old printer, it’s pretty old and doesn’t work (or the ink is dried out and I’m not willing to buy new inks to find out it doesn’t work). I did try to use it once when I had to print something and after setting it all up and installing drivers… it still didn’t. So basically it just takes up room, and quite a bit of room, really!


Day Two Hundred and Eleven – White Shirt

white shirt

A shirt I got probably 10 years ago… haven’t worn it in a few years, probably never will. Well, actually, I for sure never will, as I won’t have it soon…


Day Two Hundred and Ten – Boxer Shorts

black and white boxer shorts

Sometime during the beginning of the year I got rid of a bunch of Evan’s boxers that mostly consisted of holes. This was in the declutter pile as he doesn’t like them. So I thought I’d keep them as shorts to wear around the house or to bed. Now that I’m revisiting the situation…. as if I need more shorts! Haven’t worn them more than once or twice and I have lots of other lounging wear. Out this goes too!


Day Two Hundred and Nine – Shirt

long sleeved shirt

I finally did it! I went through my mass amount of clothes and got rid of a loooooot. So you’ll be seeing a lot more clothes on here lately. I cleared up so much room in the closet that we moved our shelf that holds our clothes into the closet, and the room is so much less cluttered now. Yay!

I got this shirt a couple of years ago I believe, but didn’t wear it last winter too much as it’s a bit too short for me.


Day Two Hundred and Eight – Hair Gel

hair gel


I’m pretty sure I got this hair gel when I was a teenager… It never really worked very well with my hair, and surprise surprise…it does not work any better now. I hung on to it I guess because I felt bad throwing it out because I didn’t use it but… I still don’t use it, and it’s just taking up room under the sink so… out this one goes.