Day Ninety – Paper Samples

Paper Samples

Well I got these in November when I went to a print show in Toronto… They are paper samples! Although some of them are fabric and foam, etc. I kept these just in case I ever wanted to print on something that wasn’t paper. However! Now that I work at a print shop I won’t really be needing these as I’ll be printing everything through work. So I won’t be missing┬áthese! (Plus they kinda smell…)


Day Eighty Nine – We’ll escort this one out.

ford sign and key

Well my first car, Lucy :), was a little green ford escort. I loved her. I miss her. I kept the little change drawer, the ford sign and a key. And a side mirror. I don’t know where that is. I like my change drawer. It’s pretty sweet. It reminds me of her the most. But I think one item from the car is probably good enough. These can go.

(Below is a photo from 2010)

green ford escort car


Day Eighty Eight – How does it measure up?

measuring tape keyring

So I’ve had this since I was… I don’t even know. Little! It’s a handy little thing to have but of course takes up way too much room on an actual key ring. I’d say we have at least three measuring tapes and this certainly isn’t the one we use. So, off it goes into the donation box.


Eighty Seven – Movie Stubs

movie stubsYea I know. Who keeps movie stubs? These are from 2003, 2004, 2005. I suppose I kept them because back then I was a bit more crafty and liked to make… things. Didn’t really matter what it was. I decorated a frame with them (second photo. Yes that’s me in a wheelbarrow with my helmet on. Fun times! (really they were)). I don’t think anyone really needs more than one of those so. Probably won’t be needing the rest of these! Once they are gone I probably won’t think of them ever again which is a pretty good sign that you don’t need it anymore.

photo frame


Day Eighty Six – Textbook


Well with 50 minutes left in the day and about to get into bed I realized that I haven’t posted anything today. So I just took whatever I already had a picture of. This is yet another textbook from Evan’s college day. Out it goes! And with that I say, goodnight!


Day Eighty Five – Purple sweater

purple sweater

Last winter, I wore this sweater a lot. It was probably my favourite at the time. That’s probably why it’s so worn out now. It’s fading, it’s pilling, and it’s become quite short on me. The winter is almost over (come oooonnnn), and I haven’t worn it once. Which means I won’t be wearing it in the summer either, which means… it’s time for it to go. So… so long sweater, I sure got a lot of use outta ya.


Day Eighty Four – Patches

sewing patches

Well I’d say I’ve probably had these for about 10 years. Never used them, seems that I never will. I’ve been decluttering like crazy, and managed to put my two sewing boxes into just one box. My office, previously known as the dumping ground, is looking much better now! Off these go to someone who will use them. That being said, Evan’s “man cave” is looking considerably worse, that’ll be the next project!


Day Eighty Three – Yea… more magazines.

19 parenting magazines

Yes I know, they’re parenting magazines. I have no children. However! As with the stack of magazines from a couple days ago, I needed magazines for school… and had just about none. I went on Kijiji (Canada’s Craigslist) and found someone who was getting rid of 2 bags of free very outdated magazines. I just needed ads so the content didn’t matter to me. Now that I’m just about done school and I won’t be needing them, these 19 magazines, and 10 or so from the other day give me a lot more room on my bookshelf so I can fit my textbooks and other design magazines onto it. Books and magazines I will actually look at again.


Day Eighty Two – Prom has come and gone

red strapless prom dress

Well this is my prom dress which was formerly my maid of honour dress at my sister’s wedding. Probably a bit too fancy to wear anywhere else so I’ll be looking into donating it.

There are organizations that are solely a prom dress donation place so that girls in high school who can’t afford a prom dress can go to this place and try a bunch on and go home with a dress. So that’s what I’m hoping to do and have sent an email out to the local one in Barrie, although they seem to have just had their event a couple weeks ago so hopefully they are still interested.


Day Eighty One – Magazines

horse rider magazines

Well, as I’m in school (for less than a month longer!) for Graphic Design, I needed magazines to use as references and to pull ads out of for critiquing, etc. It seems I’m a bit of a strange girl as I can’t recall ever going out to buy a magazine… so my resource pile was very limited.

My friend, Szymon, was kind enough to give me these magazines which I’ve used for a couple years, however they are basically all the same (as they are the same magazine) and now that I don’t need them for projects, I probably won’t be using them at all. They were of great use to me for those projects and I’ve saved a couple just for reference but ready for the rest to go and make room for some much better designed, Applied Arts magazines.