Day Three Hundred and Thirty Four – Pool Cue

pool cue

This is a very nice pool cue that I got from my sister and brother in law a few years ago. I really like it, however, the only time I play pool is when I go down to the states to visit them, and well, I’m not going to bring this all that way! So I’m hoping to find this a home for someone with a pool table. I feel guilty for giving this one away as it was a present but my sister has told me over and over to not hang on to it just because she got it for me. So… okay.


Day Three Hundred and Twenty Six – Pink Box

pink box

I’ve had this pink box for a few years now, when I was in school it was handy to keep my pens/pencils/markers/knives/glue/etc. for projects. Then it became a junk collector and looks really messy. So I got rid of a lot of stuff that was inside, and put everything else where it belongs. Suddenly, the top of my shelf looks much nicer :).


Day Three Hundred and Twenty Five – Keychain


This is a keychain I got over 10 years ago. It’s handy because you can put your house keys on one end and car keys on the other and separate them easily if need be. However, it makes my keys a lot bulkier plus I’m worried I’d leave one behind and lock myself out of the house. So! To Goodwill it goes.