Day Three Hundred – Keyboard Box

Day 300! Woo! A milestone. I am completely impressed with myself for sticking to this and not missing even one day! Go me! Really seeing a difference in the house now and I’m loving it.

razer keyboard box

Now before you think to yourself… a box? Isn’t this just recycling? That’s cheating! Well. It’s not just a box. Okay well… it is just a box… But I kept it because I really like the packaging! (Okay I went to school for Graphic Design, it kind of makes sense). Anyway, I just really loved this box so I kept it. I have a keyboard and a mouse from this company, Razer, and I am quite impressed with their packaging… spot varnish on the box… a coloured lining… the pamphlets are diecut… just a lot of thought for something to hold the product. Anyway enough about that, it takes up quite a bit of space for an empty box so I’m letting it go… into the recycling it goes.


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