Day 31 – Paper Stack

Stack of papers

Well, here we are at the end of the first month, feels great to be getting rid of stuff and know that other people are going to be able to use what I just have sitting in a closet or taking up room in a cupboard. It’s a really great feeling to see it leave the house, and I haven’t regretted getting rid of anything. It’s amazing how much we focus on stuff, when we really don’t need much at all.

Today’s decluttering is thanks to Evan! This is a big stack of papers from college that have been sitting in a backpack for years, along with textbooks that you’ll see in future posts. Thanks for all of your support in the last month, and future months to come :)


Day Thirty – Purple Peace Pillow

purple peace pillow

Well… this is a harder one for me to get rid of. I think this pillow is adorable. I quite like it… but it doesn’t actually get used as a pillow. It doesn’t really have a spot anywhere it just kind of floats around the living room. It’s a little tough to get rid of… but I don’t think I’ll be missing it, really. I’m sure it will make some girl happy though.


Day Twenty Nine – Bath Bomb…. number 2?

lush bath bomb scented

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. This is cheating – I already got rid of this on day eight! Well apparently I did not! I had no idea that I had two of these and now it’s all making sense that I saw it around so often! Anyway, this one is gone now, I went to use it the other day and it made the water yellow…basically looked like a bath tub of pee which grossed me out…so…I…did not use it. But nevertheless, it is gone!


Day Twenty Seven – Corduroy Pants

cordoroy pants

Next to go are these pants! I never wear them. They just sit in the drawer and take up room. I’ve never liked how they look on me, I guess I’m more of a jeans or sweat pants kinda girl. They’ve become one of those… “well if I don’t wear them this year….I’ll get rid of them…” pants. It’s been going on for several years now. That’s about all I’ve got to say about these ones! G’bye pants!


Day Twenty Six – Black Cardigan

black ladies cardigan

I think I’ve had this cardigan since high school. I can’t recall wearing it that many times and yet it’s not so much black anymore but washed out grey. I have other options that I’d wear before I put this one on, so I know I won’t be reaching for this one in the future. Sometimes I try it on… but it never seems to go anywhere past that, such as being so adventurous as to leave the house in it. So, so long cardigan! Maybe someone else will find some use for you.


Day Twenty Five – Grey Striped Belt

grey striped belt

So a number of years ago, when I was still in highschool I think, or shortly after, I liked to sew purses/bags. I got this belt at some point from a second hand store that had a –fill a giant bag of clothes for 5 dollars– kind of sale. So this was one of like 30 items that I got with the intention of being a strap for a purse. But 5,6,7, years later I’ve done nothing with it and I don’t believe I ever will. Time to get it go!


Day Twenty Four – The Sweater of Unknown History

Men's sweater

So a while back, I had a roommate. Well I had a few of them, I suppose. One night one of them had a boy sleep over. (Oh my!) and he left this sweater in the house. Long story short he did not come back and she was left with this sweater she didn’t want hanging around. So I said I would donate it. It’s just been floating around from that house to my parent’s house and now back to here. So now that I have a box of things to donate, I can add this to it for good! Goodbye…sweater… I hope your owner isn’t missing you too much.


Day Twenty Three – The Sharpie Birthday Shirt

shirt sharpie drawings

Soooo at some point I had a birthday… I’m going to say…/ guess…. I was turning 21. My friends and I decided we were going to go to a bar (The Ranch in Barrie) and that I’d wear a white shirt and bring sharpies for friends and strangers to write/draw on the shirt with. The reason there is not a photo of the whole shirt is because it may not be all appropriate so I decided on a few snapshots. As fun as it was, I do not need a shirt to remember the night, I don’t think I’ll forget! It was lots of fun :)


Day Twenty Two – Yet Another Manual

popcorn popper manual

Well I’ve found another manual for something I no longer have. I don’t know why I don’t have it… I really can’t remember. I wish I did, I’d love a popcorn popper. Nevertheless, I do not need this manual anymore. So long! I’d like to say you were of great use to me…but who has even looked at a manual for a popcorn popper? You plug it in and it starts.