Day Three Hundred and Fifty Six – Broken Whisk

broken whisk

K, I know. It looks like I’m cheating and I’m just throwing out my garbage. I broke this weeks ago. And kept it! And kept using it! Then I decided that maybe I should have a whisk that is… well… just in one piece. So I now I have a one piece whisk, and I’ll get rid of this two piece!


Day Three Hundred and Fifty Five – Pink Shirt

pink shirt

Well I can say for sure, one thing I learned about myself this year is that I need LONG shirts! Having gone through all of my clothes and over and over again finding the reason for not wearing shirts is “it’s too short”… yup, won’t be making that mistake again!


Day Three Hundred and Fifty Two – HTML Dog Book

HTML Dog Book

I’ve been thinking about putting this on the blog for a few months now… and now that I’m getting close to the end and this challenge is getting harder, I’ve decided… I don’t really need this book. It’s a good book, but I’m really not into web stuff. This blog is about as close as I’m going to get! I got it for school, it was helpful for a little, but I don’t use it anymore.


Day Three Hundred and Fifty – U2 CD


I got this CD quite a number of years ago. I have bought hardly any CDs and this one I believe I got at the dollar store! I’m cutting down on the CDs I have as I’m really not going to put this one into a CD player to listen to it. Realistically, if I want to listen to one of these songs I’ll just YouTube/GrooveShark it.