Day Three Hundred and Twenty Three – NBA T shirt

NBA t shirt

Evan gave this one up to get rid of a while back and then I decided I kind of liked it. Maybe for a sleep shirt or something? As if I don’t have enough pajamas… Now it’s been sitting in a pile of clothes for a while so I’ve come to the realization that I won’t be wearing it, and it could be of use to someone else. Goodwill!


Day Three Hundred and Nineteen – Wooden Box Declutter

wooden box I keep all my art supplies in this box, and it was suggested that I declutter it. So! I took everything out and got rid of what I could, the bigger picture on the left is what I am getting rid of… papers, rulers, CD envelopes, post-its and little note pads (which will be coming to work with me and get used up). Before and after photos on the right! Much better! I’ve also moved it from the floor in the office to underneath the living room chair (can’t even tell it’s there!). Makes the office look less cluttered too.


Day Three Hundred and Seventeen – Blue Shirt

blue shirt

I think this shirt is really pretty, however, I don’t wear it much. It has one of those handy shelf bras (HA!) built in…  which does nothing for me, but what is supposed to be the bottom of the shelf bra just ends at a halfway point for me with an awkward line. So! I’m sure someone else would like to have it… another Goodwill donation.