Day Two Hundred and Eighty Five – Kitchen Renos

before/after kitchen photos

We got rid of a wall today! As a back story, we moved in last November and to get from the kitchen to the dining room you have to walk all the way around and through the living room, when it’s RIGHT there! Very frustrating (especially if you forget something and have to go back). So this weekend Evan’s parents came for a visit and have been working hard to get this done. More work to go but WOW, looks so much better already! Room seems bigger, it’s much more convenient, and brighter! Whew! Happy happy! Tomorrow is drywall and trim and other final touches. Exciting stuff!




Day Two Hundred and Eighty Three – Microwavable Dish

microwavable dish

My sister got me this when I started college. Handy then, especially living in dorms with only microwaves. However! Now I don’t really use the microwave for cooking much. I’ve held on to it for so long because my sister got it for me. But I know she would think that’s a silly reason to keep it when I don’t use it. So… onto the next college student possibly?


Day Two Hundred and Eighty Two – Purse

pink/purple purse

This is a purse I got a few years back on a trip to Philadelphia to visit my sister. I got 2 purses that day (because that was absolutely necessary, right?), despite my sister saying “you’ll never use this one”.

I have not used it much, but I have held on to it for so long and I’m quite sure the reason why is because I don’t want to admit that in fact, she was right. I did not use this much at all. Sigh. Fine, sis. You win!

So, I’m going to see if my oldest niece would like this one, probably a little big but she can grow into it!


Day Two Hundred and Eighty One – Laundry Bag

laundry bag


This is a laundry bag that we never use, it’s just been sitting in a drawer since we moved in… and before that it was probably sitting in a box or a different drawer. Time to pass this one on to someone else who will use it. Very handy for transporting laundry, but we don’t really need to do that anymore as we have our own washer and dryer here.


Day Two Hundred and Seventy Seven – Magazines


Another stack of magazines! These also came from my collapsed shelf, which, since then, I’ve bent back into shape and it seems to be working (for now at least). I have much lighter stuff on it now, especially now that all these magazines are gone.

Now… back to decluttering the office.