Day Two Hundred and Thirty Three – Shirt


I’m not too sure if this shirt lost its shape quickly or if I wasn’t picky enough when I bought it, but it just doesn’t fit very well and I don’t wear it. I find I am much picker now about what clothes I buy, and what stuff I bring into the house in general.


Day Two Hundred and Thirty Two – Jeans


These are a pair of jeans that I used to wear a lot but not so much anymore. They’ve got some random stains on them and I have other ones I like better so… these ones can go. It’s strange… if you think of how many pairs of pants you have… and then actually count how many pants you have… I bet there’s a big difference!

I read somewhere that we wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time. Sounds about right! Chances are you’ve got lots of clothes in your closet that you hardly ever (or never) wear. Make some room for the clothes you love :).


Day Two Hundred and Thirty – Small Plates

small plates

As promised, here are the small plates to go along with the set. It’s been about a week since we decided we could let this go, and I gotta say… it makes putting dishes away a little faster as it all goes into the same cupboard. It’s the little things in life! Plus the kitchen counters are a little more bare which is lovely :).


Day Two Hundred and Twenty Nine – Plates

big plates

Well! This is a major decluttering. There’s just me and Evan in this house and we have 24 large plates. For 2 people! Kind of….insane. We also have 14 small plates and 17 bowls. For 2 people! That’s issue # 1. Issue # 2 is a bit of a lack of storage in the kitchen… (I wonder why). We have one cupboard dedicated to non microwavable dishes, and one cupboard dedicated to microwaveable dishes. So! We are cutting down to about half and getting rid of all the non microwavable dishes. That clears out a cupboard for other items which means the island in the kitchen has made a MASS improvement (which was driving me nuts). Anyway! Today the decluttering item is the big plates. You’ll be seeing the small plates and bowls in the near future :).



Day Two Hundred and Twenty Eight – Top


You know… when you’re trying on clothes before going out… and there’s a few items that you try on and then decide not to wear it. This is one of those. I always feel like I want to wear it but then I just never end up actually wearing it. I’m sure someone else will and I’d rather it be of some use to someone than hang in my closet.


Day Two Hundred and Twenty Seven – Shorts


I have worn these shorts many many times, but not this summer! I’ve moved on to the jean shorts and these just sit in the drawer. They are a very light colour, and I’m pretty white so maybe not the best colour for me anyway… Into the donation box it goes.


Day Two Hundred and Twenty Six – Knit Dress

Day 226

It seemed like a good idea at the time… but I’m quickly learning that there’s just never a good time to wear this. When am I cold enough to wear something that’s sweater material but warm enough that I don’t need sleeves? Exactly. I keep telling myself I’ll give myself one more season to wear this… and it just never happens.


Day Two Hundred and Twenty Five – Pants

beige pants

I got these beige pants a while back, I’m not sure how long ago but I either got them for dress code for my high school or my last job. Either way, I am not in high school and I no longer have that job and I never ever wear these. They’ve been sitting in my closet because…. well, there’s nothing wrong with them, but taking a closer look at my closet with decluttering in mind, I’m realizing that I probably won’t even notice that this pair of pants is gone, other than my drawer being a little roomier.