Day Two Hundred and Twenty Nine – Plates

big plates

Well! This is a major decluttering. There’s just me and Evan in this house and we have 24 large plates. For 2 people! Kind of….insane. We also have 14 small plates and 17 bowls. For 2 people! That’s issue # 1. Issue # 2 is a bit of a lack of storage in the kitchen… (I wonder why). We have one cupboard dedicated to non microwavable dishes, and one cupboard dedicated to microwaveable dishes. So! We are cutting down to about half and getting rid of all the non microwavable dishes. That clears out a cupboard for other items which means the island in the kitchen has made a MASS improvement (which was driving me nuts). Anyway! Today the decluttering item is the big plates. You’ll be seeing the small plates and bowls in the near future :).



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