Day Two Hundred and Two – Body Butter

body butter

So, I bought this probably about… 3 years ago now. I just opened it up yesterday and gave it a lil sniff and wow. Apparently the smell changes after sitting for a few years. It smells… like… stale plastic. Evan says it smells like a craft table in Kindergarten. Either way, not something I’m going to put on my body. Ick.


Day Two Hundred and One – Plate


We only have one of these plates. It’s a different size than all the others, and it’s wonky (not flat at all). It doesn’t stack with the others and we have plenty of plates anyway, so… out it goes.


Day One Hundred and Ninety Nine – Containers


Well it’s about that time again, when my tupperware container cupboard is a case of “throw it in and shut the door!” before it all falls down. It’s nice and organized now. These containers are ones that come with sandwich meats, that I kept but I never use. Plus, they don’t stack at all!


Day One Hundred and Ninety Five – Necklace


I have had this necklace for a long long time. I made it when I was a little girl and wore it a LOT. I have another necklace from my childhood too, and it has even more meaning to me. So I made the decision to keep the one that means more and to let this one go. It was a bit hard at first but I’ve gotten used to the idea over the past couple weeks and I’m okay with it.


Day One Hundred and Ninety Four – Roots Chair

roots chair

This is another casualty. A chair that cracked under the pressure.

Evan’s a big guy and he tends to break chairs… These handy fold-able lawn chairs aren’t really an option for him. This has been broken since… I’m not really sure, but at least for a year! He broke another sturdy chair just last weekend when we were camping. Geez!

I’ve been meaning to throw it out for a long time but I knew I had to keep it until I could get a picture of it to put on this blog. So here’s the picture! To the garbage pile it goes!