Day One Hundred and Seventy – Old Razor

old razor

This has lived in Evan’s side table for far too long. I’m not sure what to say about it as it’s obviously not mine. Evan’s comments on the matter:

“I used to use this razor, and then it died. So now I don’t.”

Well said, Evan. Well said.


Day One Hundred and Sixty Nine – Yoga Pants

yoga pants

I quite like these yoga pants. They are very comfy. However… they have a hole in them in a rather inconvenient spot… and every time I put yoga pants on I’m paranoid that I’m wearing “the ones with the hole” in them. This is especially annoying when at the gym and sitting cross legged doing stretches (although it’s been a few months since that happened).


Day One Hundred and Sixty Eight – Pencils


I prefer pens over pencils and we have a lotĀ of pens around. So I’ll keep one of these and let someone else get some use out of the others.

Because sometimes the question isn’t…. “can/would I use this?” but… “would someone else get more use out of this than I do?”.