Day One Hundred and Thirty Eight – Holey Socks

funky socks

This Sunday’s decluttering item is my holey socks. What can I say? They have holes. I don’t wear them. Sometimes I put them on and then I realize they have holes in them. So I put them back in the drawer…why…? I do not know. Do you have socks like those? Ditch ’em!


Day One Hundred and Thirty Six – Cooking Pot

cooking pot

I have about 4 pots this size… I use this one the least. It’s a good pot but I like the other ones better as the handles are a little longer and more sturdy. Getting rid of this one means my other ones will stack nicer and makes some room for some small appliances that I can get off of the counter.


Day One Hundred and Thirty Two – Chess Set

chess set

Well, I got this chess set from the dollar store when one of my assignments for one of my classes (Package Design class in a Graphic Design course) was to take something found in a dollar store and redesign it to look more….er…better and expensive I suppose. (The original box was just hideous). I don’t have the box anymore as I had to rip it apart but now I’m left with this chess set and I don’t know what to do with it. Since I already have a donation box going, I’ll just add it to the pile!

p.s. It is a full chess board I just have it folded how it was in the box as it doesn’t lay very flat at the moment.