Day One Hundred and Fifty One – Blanket Liner

blanket liner

Well! Evan has a blanket that he loves, that he’s had for… who knows how long. This is the liner from inside of it. Over the last several months it has gone from a blanket to more of a … fabric sack of pillows and sheets. It is sooooo uneven… it just does not work as a blanket anymore. Yet he loves it! But he loves it for the outside fabric. So there’s issue #1.

Issue #2… is I had a blanket liner from Ikea that I had used when I made my own comforter out of 36 t shirt squares. That one got old and I ended up ditching the outside and keeping the inside liner. So! I ripped out this old liner, got out the sewing machine and replaced it with my Ikea comforter. Now it’s nice and even and Evan’s got his blanket back! Plus I’m not storing an extra comforter with no cover. Win-win!


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