Day One Hundred and Two – EWWWWWWWWW! EW!

moldy flip flops

Oh this is so gross! So today I was doing lots of cleaning. I decided it was time to put away our winter boots, almost all the snow is gone :).

I opened up the closet where we keep things we don’t use too much, and was moving some things around when I picked up Evan’s flip flops and EWWWWWW! They’re moldy! After some investigating I realized that there was a bag beside the shoes that had a reusable water bottle in it and it had leaked. I guess the combination of the moisture and no air flow (as it’s in a closet) made the shoes go all moldy. So disgusting. Oh my word. There’s my throw out item of the day. Into the trash, yuck!

p.s. Thank goodness they’re ruined, now he HAS to get some new ones. They were looking overly worn-in last year already.


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