Day Ninety One – My old camera

olympus digital camera

Day 91, that means we are 1/4 of the way done the year, which means my goal is 1/4 way through being complete. Yay!

So this one is a bit harder to get rid of. I’ve been thinking about it for a good 2 years now. I’ve had to do some convincing at the start that I do not need it, and I’ve come to the realization and content conclusion that I can go without. I have a much better camera now (the one I use for this blog)… which is also going on about 6 years old. Once I got my DSLR camera I thought I should keep this one in case I ever needed the video feature as my new camera doesn’t have it. I did use it a few times for that purpose only, however… my camera phone can do that too and it’s always on me. I can’t imagine when I would ever need to use this again.

Out this one goes!


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