Day Eighty – Broken ice cube tray

broken white ice cube tray

This goes back to the apartment days… I just unpacked a drawer that we were just shoving things into during the last few minutes of the move, and this was in it. This ice cube tray has a few holes and tears in it. And yes we used it for quite a while like this. There’s no real strategy other than fill it up and get it into the freezer as fast as possible… and then clean up the counter and the floor. Sure we could have just got another one at the dollar store, but that’s so much less exciting. Anyway I’m done with the excitement so off it goes. Also we have a fridge/freezer that makes ice all on its own now :).


Day Seventy Nine – The one legged steamer

metal steamer

So I was going through my pots and pans cupboard… and discovered I have three steamers. I can’t imagine when I would ever need three steamers at the same time. Two of them are in good condition. This one only has one leg (should have three). So out this one goes! Organized my cupboard and made a bit more room, and was able to get the blender in there too, one less thing on the counter! :)


Day Seventy Eight – This terrible can opener

can opener

So before Evan and I lived together I was at his apartment and I was using his can opener and somehow… I don’t know how else to describe it other than I destroyed it. I seem to have pushed this memory far out of my mind because I have no details… Let’s see if he remembers…

“Hun, do you remember how I broke your can opener?”

“With your bear-like paws”

Okay so I have no more details for you. Either way… I replaced it with this crappy one because I’m a nice person like that. Moving right along, we’ve bought a much better one… and for some reason still have this one. I can guarantee you we never use this one because we have a better one, actually we have two other ones. So out this one goes!


Day Seventy Seven – Sports bra… from long ago.

black sports bra

Well this was my “sports bra” back in the day when wearing a regular bra and then this sports bra on top and possibly another one and then a tighter shirt underneath a baggier shirt was considered putting on my “sports bra”. Since then I’ve discovered much more wonderful 1 piece sports bras instead of 5 piece sports bras. (Say that 10 times fast. Five piece sports bras, five piece sports bras…). Anyway, needless to say… this is of no use to me… perhaps… I could make a slingshot out of it or something… hmm…. But no! Decluttering. Out it goes.


Day Seventy Four – Yellow Belt

yellow belt

Yet another never-intended-to-wear belt, but had planned to use this in some sort of sewing project. I’ve had it for years so I figure if I haven’t used it by now I probably wont. Ready to let this one go!


Day Seventy Three – Confused and Dazed…or…something…

dazed and confused cd album

Day 73! You know what that means! You probably don’t but I’ll tell you! We are a fifth of the way through the year!

Today’s decluttering item is Evan’s Dazed and Confused CD. He’s told me that there is only one good song on it (Low Rider) and I’d say we are a little bit more likely to play it on YouTube rather than find the CD and put it in the CD player. Just slightly though. So out it goes! Little bit more room on the CD rack which is good because we have more CD’s than will fit on it. I’m sure many more will be going… at some point.



Day Seventy Two – I swear I’m holding it for a friend…

stuffed animal monkey ape

Meet Cocoa! This belonged to my sister and when she moved far far away it was left at my parent’s house. Then I moved and eventually it got packed into a “for Carly” box. However it is not mine, and my sister also doesn’t want it. Therefore, it will be donated and hopefully some young one will get much joy out of having it.


Day Seventy One – Measuring Spoons

measuring spoons

Well after discovering that I have 4 or 5 sets of measuring spoons, I’ve realized that this is one more set that I don’t end up using. Now that I have less measuring spoons they fit into a little cubby in the drawer and I am able to find the right size so much faster :)

I’ve also made my 3 cooking utensil drawers into 2, so I have a whole drawer to figure out what to do with it, oh the possibilities!