Day Eighty Two – Prom has come and gone

red strapless prom dress

Well this is my prom dress which was formerly my maid of honour dress at my sister’s wedding. Probably a bit too fancy to wear anywhere else so I’ll be looking into donating it.

There are organizations that are solely a prom dress donation place so that girls in high school who can’t afford a prom dress can go to this place and try a bunch on and go home with a dress. So that’s what I’m hoping to do and have sent an email out to the local one in Barrie, although they seem to have just had their event a couple weeks ago so hopefully they are still interested.

2 thoughts on “Day Eighty Two – Prom has come and gone

  1. I ran into difficulites when I tried to donate a number of my own formal dresses as many of the prom programs want new items only. New Circles in the Don Mills and Eglinton area was more than happy to take used formal attire, and the Toronto Police are also accepting donations of formal wear until April 2, 2014. Good luck with the decluttering!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I have emailed Prom Blitz in Barrie with photos and told them that the dress is 7 years old and they said they’d be happy to have it. Other organizations I looked at were a lot more picky though! Thanks again!


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