Day Sixty Seven – A shirt with a story.

adidas shirt

Time for a guest blogger! Today’s decluttering item is this shirt, with a big hole in it. I don’t really know the story behind this so I’ll let Evan tell you it! Here’s the story…

“I have had this shirt since maybe grade 9. Back then I wore a lot of sports clothes and this was a Tracy McGrady shirt. It was part of my clothes lineup in my high school days and I wore it a lot. In highschool I worked at Mikisew Provincial Park. One day I was blowing leaves when I felt a tug on my shirt. I turned around but there was nobody there. I continued blowing until the blower started to sputter and stalled. When I took the blower off I noticed that it had sucked my shirt up into it and ripped the hole you see here. Since then it’s been a good workshirt but lately it’s begun to fall apart and always sits too far back on my shoulders and chokes me a bit. I have many work shirts (and some that Carly thinks should be) so goodbye Adidas basketball shirt. You served me well. You won’t really be missed.”


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