Day Fifty Three – Ham Cans!

cans of ham

So I’m pretty bad at keeping an organized food cupboard and fridge. However! Evan is fantastic at it. So he basically took everything out of the cupboard and reorganized it for me. It now looks fantastic and allowed me to get the toaster, 4 canisters (you know those flour/sugar canisters), and our kettle into the cupboard and off the counter. Which I love because I hate unnecessary clutter on the counters.

Anyway! During this taking the food out of the cupboard process we came across these cans and I know I am never going to eat these and I’m pretty sure he’s not going to either. So I brought them with me to Hamilton (where my family lives), to see if my Mom knew of a convenient place to donate it. I asked her, and she said well! Tomorrow we are going around the neighbourhood to collect food donations for the food bank. Well. What perfect timing! So I gave her these cans. Better than sitting in the cupboard until they expire!


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