Day Forty Nine – Giant Tiger Mug

giant tiger store mug

Well, I feel as though we may have too many mugs. Especially since neither of us drink coffee or tea, and Evan doesn’t like hot beverages. So we went through all of our mugs to see which we don’t like, and we came out with a whopping……. one. This one. That’s it. Apparently we’re attached to all the other ones. So goodbye mug, outcha go! Only one gone but it’s that much more space in the cupboard.

One thought on “Day Forty Nine – Giant Tiger Mug

  1. Carly, mugs are nice for lots of other things besides hot beverages … like soup, ice cream, cold drinks, pens/pencils, screws & nails you find lying around out of place. The possibilities are endless; but i have to agree with the choice ya’ll made, that one would hafta go LOL!


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