Day Forty Five – Junk Mail

cash money junk mail

This package just came a couple days ago. A bag of promotional items. Now usually I’d be like hey, I could use this calender. Might be handy sometime. But really, I have a big calender, and a computer, and a cell phone for that. What are the chances I’m not going to be around any of those, but I will have this card handy? Not likely.

Ohh, chapstick. Can always use some chapstick. Well it smells…. like..plastic. But you know what they say, “plastic is the new vanilla”. And then I thought….. hey, ya never know when you need some sunglasses. Well sometimes you do. Like when they say cash money on the side. Plus I look awful in these sunglasses. It basically swallows my face up. So! I’ll keep the bag, because bags are handy to have, but basically everything else… is just clutter to me now! What a great process this has been so far. I’m getting much pickier about what comes in and stays in the house.

Oh, and if you look closely, you can see some bedhead in the reflection of the sunglasses. You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “Day Forty Five – Junk Mail

    • Oh boy, if I think about all the times I’ve lost a chapstick… I’d be much poorer if I did that, lol. Though I do have some hidden in other objects around the house… just in case!


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