Day Thirty Nine – My Old Phone

pink cell phone

So this is my pretty pink phone from… oh… 3 years ago, I’d say. Not sure why I’ve kept it around. I find there’s a lot of things in the house that I know I don’t need, but when you think of it as just one thing it just becomes a… “I’ll get rid of it later” kind of thing. Whereas when you’re getting rid of a bunch of stuff (or desperately trying to find things to get rid of) then it becomes a bit easier somehow. It’s easy enough to drop off a box of stuff to donate, but you wouldn’t drive all the way there to get rid of a t-shirt. Anyway! This is my item for the day. As you can see by the buttons… it was used to its max. Then it just started giving up. Poor phone. It was so pretty.

3 thoughts on “Day Thirty Nine – My Old Phone

    • Lol well I did go to school for Photography. I definitely don’t have the best camera out there… found the camera I thought was the best value 5 years ago and got it as I needed it for school. If money was no issue, I would upgrade!


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