Day Thirty Six – My Polo Shirt – Oh the Symbolism

Black polo shirt

To me, this is not just a polo shirt. This is a symbol. It symbolizes my time working at Michaels (Arts & Crafts store). And as I say goodbye to this shirt, I say goodbye to the days I worked in retail. I met wonderful people that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing… to name a few…. in no particular order… Tanya and Tanya (yes two of them), Laura, Rae, Pegi, Karyn, Maggie, Els, Sherri, Jenna (so long ago now, to think we were just teenagers back then, Jenna!).

Anyway, as I near the end of my education (well… I suppose we never really stop learning. Formal education, we’ll say), I hope I may be so lucky as to find a career in a field that I love. I do miss working at Michaels sometimes, but I’m ready for the next stage in life!


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