Day Twenty One – This Bag

black mesh bag

I’ve used this bag a lot. Mostly to carry pens/pencils/x-acto knives for school. However, the bottom of the bag (maybe from the knives) is basically falling apart. It’s torn to pieces and so I find these little black plastic pieces everywhere if I use it. Definitely can go without this one. Goodbye bag! You were of great use to me for a long time.


Day Twenty – Konica Lens Cap

Konica 35mm Lens Cap

While I was in school for Digital Photography and Imaging at Georgian College, I took a darkroom photography course as a gen ed (general education course). I bought a 35mm (film) camera, which I have since sold, but didn’t discover I still had this lens cap until just recently. So of course, I don’t need this cap if I don’t have the camera. So long lens cap!


Day Nineteen – Remote

Satellite Remote

Worst. Remote. Ever. I finally decided I couldn’t take it anymore and got a new one. This remote is terrible. I’ve never been able to get the up button to work. The cancel…. I just give up and look for the channel that I’m on. The “enter” or “ok”, (who knows…that wore off a long time ago) is tricky… I found the best solution is to hold it down as hard as possible and make biiiiig circles with your arm until it works. Anyway. It’s awful. So I got a new one (new… but off of Kijiji of course :) ) So goodbye you terrible remote, I will not miss you at all. I feel like my quality of life has just improved.


Day Eighteen – The toothbrush


I was cleaning the bathroom today. My method is frantically shaking a can of comet all over the sink and then filling it up with water. The sink. Not the can. Anyway, it was filled up with water, a nice murky blue colour with all the dust and hair and whatever is around the sink, then I went to clean around the toothbrush holder and instead, knocked it over. Evan’s toothbrush fell into the gross water and I let out a loud *gasp!*. This was followed by a voice down the hall. “What did you do to my toothbrush!?” (How did he know it was his toothbrush?) “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. nothing………….” I believe he then accused me of doing it on purpose because I didn’t know what to post today. Oh well, long story short, out it goes!


Day Seventeen

TV Manual

I stumbled upon this in a box…. we do not have this t.v. Certainly we don’t need the manual for it. I thought the little cartoons were rather comical though :). Into the recycling it goes!


Day Sixteen

DVD Crank

Sooooooooo I don’t really like this movie. I’ve watched it a couple times now and it ain’t great. So, I probably will never bring it up as a movie to watch. I figure the only way I would is if someone else really wanted to watch it. But then I’d be like…”this one? Really?” So why even have it in the house, right? We have plenty more better (more better?) movies to watch. Goodbye Crank!


Day Fifteen

Shark boxers

Well I had a long day yesterday with no time to look for something new to post, so I’m grabbing a backup! Another pair of Evan’s boxers that are more holes than fabric. One less pair of boxers, and a little more room in the drawer :)


Day Fourteen

Frying Pan

Another frying pan we don’t need! I have one very similar to this that my mom got me, and it’s fantastic! I for sure won’t be using this in the future. It’s fairly thin and light (for how big it is) and it burns things very quickly, and is one of those never-gets-fully-clean-anymore pans. So goodbye frying pan! You made many hamburger helper meals in your day, but its time to retire and let the young one take over. Goodbye. Happy retirement.


Day Thirteen


Next up! A calculator. Between the two of us we have two calculators. I can’t remember the last time I used a calculator that wasn’t on my phone or computer (do you?), so we for sure don’t need two of them. We’ll keep one just in case (I’m sure it will come in handy someday) and let the other one go. I can’t see us ever regretting not having two of them. Goodbye calculator!


Day Twelve

Xbox Game UFC

This is one of Evan’s Xbox games he’s decided he doesn’t need and won’t be playing again. He donated it to one of his friend’s kids. How sweet! I don’t have too much to say about this one as I’ve never played it. Although I will say I’m quite happy to have him be so supportive in this challenge:) Thanks Hunny-bun!