Day Ten

Strappy Sandals

We’re into the double digits! I’ve decided to get rid of these shoes…. again. It’s been put into and taken out of the donate pile (not this pile specifically but over the last year or two), because I’m never quite sure about it. However, now that another summer has passed and I didn’t wear them at all, its become quite clear that I’m not going to this summer coming up either. I have other shoes that I like better, are more comfortable, and look better on. I find these ones, although the soles are very comfortable, the straps are very scratchy, which doesn’t become so obvious until you wear them for a little and when you take them off you have red straps instead of brown. Oh no wait, those aren’t straps, that’s just my skin that’s gone all red. Anyway, finally the decision has been made. Yes, I’m going to get rid of them. Goodbye shoes.

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