Day Eight

Bath Bomb

Now, you may argue that this isn’t “getting rid of something”, but I disagree! This is a bath bomb (you throw it in your bath and its all fizzy and smells nice, etc), that I wrapped in some fabric and threw into my sock drawer to make them smell all nice. However! I have had this for probably 3 years now, and a good “chunk”(not anymore) of it is just powder, and it’s time to get rid of this thing. I’m counting this as a “thing to get rid of” because for some reason I have kept it this long, and justified moving it from place to place oh…4 or 5 times now.

Anyway, I finally used it yesterday for a nice relaxing bath. At one point I noticed something red on the bottom of the tub. I went to grab it….and it moved. So I tried again, and pulled out that tiny piece of paper you see in the pic, that says “BANG”. Now, perhaps I’ve watched too many action movies but it felt like I was in one, and I half expected to hear a gun shot! It was creepy. Anyway, apparently they put these things inside the bath bombs. Had me rather confused for a little though! Congratulations bath bomb, after many years of getting beat until you were rubble, you served your purpose. It was a nice bath :)

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