Day Three

ComforterI got this queen sized purple comforter a couple years ago, but the under side of the comforter is pilling so badly, and I just can’t stand it! I’ve been putting another comforter below it so it never touches my skin because it feels awful. However! Evan’s parents gave us their old comforter (thank you!), which means I can get rid of this one! I had thought about keeping it for a guest room or something, but really, if I don’t like it, then I’m certainly not going to give it to my guests to sleep with, plus we have plenty more blankets.

Although I think it is really pretty, I’m trying to be practical here, and it takes up lots of room when its folded up and shoved in a cupboard, so logically, I should get rid of it. Goodbye pretty comforter. You were a comfort. Until you started pilling. Now I don’t like you.

One thought on “Day Three


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